Cafemnee Online Workshop for females in music

This course started 4th April. An online live group call session will be arrange for those enrolling after 4th April. Replays of sessions 1 and 2 are available in the private Community group

What will I learn and what will I access on the 'Pleasing Your Audience' & 'Improvising By Ear' Workshop for women in music?  


Click the button below to enrol on the 'Pleasing Your Audience' & 'Improvising By Ear' workshop and gain access to the Cafemnee Community group.


Tell Me More About The Workshops

Workshop 1 – ‘Pleasing Your Audience’ 
Saturday 4th April 2020
10am – 1230pm

Unlock the formula for giving your audience a great experience!

  1. Five factors for engaging your audience during your performance
  2. Three things to look out for when choosing great songs for your repertoire
  3. Three ways to deal with interruptions from your audience
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Workshop 2 – ‘Improvisation’ for all instruments
Saturday 11th April 2020
10am – 12.30pm

Simple but effective ways of improvising your music!

  1. Utilising the one note samba!
  2. Use a combination of long and short notes to create interesting rhythms “syncopated rhythms”

  3. Use a mixture of repeating patterns

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Workshop 3 – ‘Improvisation Part 2’ for all instruments
Saturday 18th April 2020
10am – 1230pm

Creating climax when improvising by ear!

  1. Impactful silences.
  2. Pace don't run!
  3. What rhythm, what  Power note
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Workshop 4 'Open Mic Feedback'
Saturday 25th April 2020
10am – 12.30pm

Hone your performance skills

Pre-record your performance of one song, using your device, for the Open Mic feedback session. Send it in by the deadline. 

Include a message in the recording or by email of what it is you are trying to achieve with the song.

Remember to make your performance engaging.

Get supportive feedback from our Panel*

*The Panel includes Noval Smith a talented musician, arranger and producer. Noval has worked with Ruby Turner, Vanessa Bell Armstrong, Beverley Knight and Dawkins & Dawkins. Cynthia Fearon is a Music Director, singer-songwriter and keyboardist. Cynthia performs in the UK and Holland. Millicent Stephenson is a multi-award winning saxophonist, Podcaster of 'Success Beyond The Score' on iTunes and SoundCloud. She also serves on various committees of the Musicians Union. She is the founder and creative director of Cafemnee

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Tell me more about the Cafemnee Community Group

What will I get & what can I do?

  • Experience a supportive network of females in music
  • Access premium value training materials at any time
  • Get constructive feedback for your new songs (covers or originals) 
  • Sharpen your performance skills 
  • Exercise your leadership qualities to drive your music forward in the studio, stage, or writing environment
  • Explore multiple solutions to find the best answer for your music business
  • Keep in touch in real time through weekly live conference calls
  • Vitalise community members with experiences from your own journey   
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What are the women saying about this course?

'It’s great to be able to catch up, keep connected and see people during this time.  Thank you' Jacqui. 

'I love the point about singing behind the curtain before entering the stage and I’m going to polish my monologue and dialogues'  Melody

'It's was good to see Millicent’s performance videos and have the break-down of how she engages her audience' Carlene 

'I hadn’t thought about it before but is makes sense to wearing the right shoes for the type of stage you’re performing on'. Dolores 

'Great tips and skills to enhance my music.  Thank you Millicent for sharing in detail from your experience'. Belinda

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Who is this for?

This is for female musicians, singers, songwriters, producers, rappers and spoken word artistes.  If you are:
  • Returning to your music after a break and want to boost your confidence.
  • Music is your hobby, you would like to perform and eventually get paid.
  • Your music is part-time and you want to understand the music industry with a view to becoming full time. 

Can men join?

Statically there are not many women in the music industry and Cafemnee was set up to help redress the balance so unfortunately this is for women only at the current moment.

How long will this Group run for?

This Community Group will run from April 2020 for 3 months, initially. 
But who knows? Perhaps it will run much longer than that. This group will be regularly reviewed. Watch this space!
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